margarito’s guide

How to order in Margarito? You have a healthy and delicious offet to choose from:
1. MARKET FOOD: a protein with greens, a dressing, two sides and a sourdough bread.
2. SALAD BOWL: completed salad with a protein of your choice.
3. BURGER CORNER: your burger with baked potatoes, beetroot, ketchup and green salad.
* To open your appetite order some starters to share.


(pb) Plant based  ·  (v) Vegetarian  ·  (gf) Gluten free

market food    11,95€


Always with rocket, baby spinach, red chard, a dressing of your choice, two sides and sourdough bread with seeds (or extra greens).

Grilled tofu (pb)
Tofu with beetroot and nori seaweed.
Crispy falafel (pb)
Homemade mix of chickpeas, sesame, herbs and spices.
“No chicken” (pb) (gf)
Soya protein, nutritive and tasty 100% vegan.
Grilled marinated chicken (gf)
Freerange chicken breas, marinated and charcoal grilled.
Turkey breast (gf)
Marinated and cooked at low temperature, to preserve the best flavour, tecture and nutrients.
Wild salmon (2€ supplement) (gf)
Marinated alaskan wild salmon.
Tuna tataki with ponzu dressing (2€ supplement)
Wild yellowfin tuna tataki with ponzu dressing.

*Add an extra protein 3,8€


Homemade ketchup (pb) (gf)
Chipotle vegan mayonnaise (pb)
Green coconut curry (pb) (gf)
Oriental vegan mayonnaise (pb)
Mango and mustard (pb) (gf)


 (market food: includes 2 sides).

Babaganoush with pommegranate (pb) (gf)
Baked aubergine dip typical from mediterranean cuisine.
Butter beans (pb) (gf)
Stweed beans with faran masala and coriander.
Smoked aubergine (pb) 
Charcoal grille aubergines with miso agave dressing.
Baked sweet potato with red pesto (pb) 
With sundried tomatoes and almond pesto.
Stir fried potatoes with vegan ali oli (pb)
Ratte potatoes with chia seeds plant based ali oli.
Cous cous salad (pb)
Cous cous wheat salad with vegetables.
Fusilli pesto (pb) 
Delicious corn pasta with plant based pesto.
Baked vegetables with curry (pb) (gf)
Cauliflower, sweet potato and chickpeas with yello curry.
Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce (pb)
Vegetables with tomato and nuts sauce.
Grilled avocado with «pico de gallo» (pb) (gf)
Charcoal grilled, 1/2 avodado with chopped tomato, coriander and onion.
Curry mushrooms (pb) (gf)
With zucchini and yellow curry.
Grilled vegetables with romesco (pb) (gf)
Seasonal vegetables with baked tomato and dry fruits sauce.
Quinoa taboulé (pb) (gf)
With tomato, spring onion, cucumber, coriander, mint and pomegranate.
Penne with vegan bolognaise (pb)
Corn pasta with vegetal bolognese sauce.

Ratatouille (pb) (gf)
Peppers, courgette, onion, garlic and traditional tomato.

Grilled leeks with nut oil (pb)
Low temperature grilled leeks.

Butter beans (pb) (gf)
Bean stew with garan masala and coriander.

Integral rice salad (pb) (gf)
With dates, pomegranate, mango and siracha sauce.

Houmous (pb) (gf)
Real cheak peas houmous with red pepper oil.

salad bowl    11,95€


Your bowl + one protein.

Beetroot (v) (gf)
A base of greens, beetroot, tomatoes, hazelnuts, pistachios, gorgonzola and mango dressing.
Green bowl (v) (gf)
A base of potatoes, zucchini, greens, sprouting brocoli, green asparagus, cucumber, green beans, poached egg and sesame seeds with mustard dessing.
Asian bowl (pb)
Pak choi, baby spinach, edamames, zucchini, carrot, cucumber, mango, coriander, mint, ginger, shiitake and soya bean sprouts.
Poke bowl (pb) 
Whole rice, avocado, cherry tomatoes, carrot, daikon, edamames, radishes, red onion, coriander, sesame seeds and soya.
Tomate bowl (pb) (gf) 
Delicious mix tomato salad from the zone.
Avocado lovers (v) (gf)
Fresh and grilled avocado, «pico de gallo», cucumber, onion, radishes, stir fried tomatoes, poached egg, coriander and tortilla chips.
Mexican bowl (v)(gf)
Feta cheese, with red beans, rocket, avocado, tomato, basil corn, jalapeños and tomatoes.


Marinated tofu with beetroot and nori seaweed (pb)
Homemade falafel (pb)
“No chicken” (pb) (gf)
Marinated and grilled freerange chicken (gf)
Low temperature cooked turkey breast (gf)
Marinated wild salmon (2€ supplement) (gf)
Tuna tataki with ponzu sauce (2€ supplement)

*Add an extra protein 3,8€


Traditional hummus (pb) 5,95€
Hummus with raw vegetables and naan bread.

Vegan “sobrasada” (pb) 5,95€
Delicious and creamy dip with vegan ingredients and homemade crackers.

Vegan Balls (pb) (gf) 5,95€
Crispy and delicious vegetable balls with soya protein paste and sweet chully sauce.

Tubers with «brava» sauce (pb) (gf) 5,95€
Mix tubers with brava sauce and vegan ali oli.

Vegan chili (pb) 6,95€
Chili «no meat» with homemade tortillas.

Guacamole (pb) (gf) 6,95€
Delicious guacamole with purple corn tortillas.

Vegan blackpudding gyozas (pb) 6,95€
Shitake and mushroom dumplings with oriental sauce.

Baked pumpkin (v)(gf) 6,95€
Baked pumpkin with salvia, burrata and pesto.

burger corner

All burgers come with roasted potatoes homemade ketchup and green salad

Falafel (v) 10,95€
Make it gluten free 1€ more. Greens, tomato, onion, melted cheese and tzatziki yogurt and cucumber sauce.

Veggie (v) 11,95€
Make it gluten free 1€ more. Red beans, beetroot and wheat veggie burger with melted cheese.

“No chicken” Mexican (pb) 11,95€
Make it gluten free 1€ more. Soya protein with caramelized onion, guacamole, tortillas and spicy vegan mayonnaise.

“No chicken” Cesar (pb) 11,95€
Make it gluten free 1€ more. Soya protein with spinach, stir fried tomatoes, onion, fried chickpeas and vegan caesar dressing.

Grilled chicken 11,95€
With roasted pepper, rocket, ali oli, egg and melted cheese.

Grilled curry 11,95€
Chicken curry with avocado and melted cheese.

Beyond Burger (pb) 13,95€
Make it gluten free 1€ more. Vegan burger, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese and poached onion.

margarito sweet

The perfect ending at your Margarito experience

Coconut foam (v)(gf) 4,45€
With marinated pinneapple and mint.
Carrot cake (v) 4,95€
Carrot and sweet potato cake with roasted peach.
Brownie (pb) 4,95€
Vegan chocolate cake with chocolate sauce.
Pumpkin cheesecake (v) 5,55€
Cheesecake with coconut cream and vanila.
Apple pie (v) 4,95€
With wallnuts.
Almond cake (v) 5,45€
With figs and strawberry jam.
Apple tatin (v)(gf) 5,45€
With cinnamon caramel.
Beetroot cake 5,55€
Baked with cream cheese glaze.

fresh juices

Fresh and creamy smoothies made with the best fruits and vegetables (400 ml.)

Passion 5,95€
Carrot, mango, pinneapple, passion fruit and apple.
Coco lovers 5,95€
Banana, pinneapple, coconut and coconut milk.
Green park 5,95€
Pinneapple, spinach, cucumber, kale and apple.
Fresh Margarito 5,95€
Pineapple, strawberries and dragon fruit.

Porque ser responsables con nuestro entorno es mucho más fácil de lo que creías. Si nosotros nos esforzamos por mejorarlo, imagínate lo que puedes hacer tu.